Voting Experience in Uttar Pradesh

State Election Voting Experience in Uttar Pradesh

First of all Guys, this blog is my perception of the common practices followed at the time of the election. It can differ for you and others have different thoughts about it. So I am not pinpointing any political party but sharing my state election voting experience in Uttar Pradesh.

So let me tell you the phases to reach the polling booth station list wise then I will share my experience.

  • Getting your name-checked and collecting electoral Slip
  • Need to confirm the booth number according to your residential block
  • Confirm your availability of your at the time you hit the booth
  • Wait in Line and Vote

Now I must tell all the readers that, one must vote whatever the situation is. So the problem with the above point is that there is no clarification in any manner. Anyone gets puzzled if he/she is a first-time or second-time voter. I also want to tell you that there is a huge difference between Parliamentary Election and State Election in terms of security and other arrangements.

My problem starts when I walked toward the election booth. I don’t know where to go first and what are the pre-requisites required for the election. This happens to me and might be faced by others who are first-time voters because there is no information about anything. There was no banner, beat Hindi or English which can give us information about the departments or the processes have made by the election commission.

I have to ask other people who came to vote, where to go and what to do first. Once I reached there, there is no sense of line. People were coming and going according to their ease and no Covid protocols were followed by anyone. There are hardly 2-3% of people, who have their masks on their faces. There is no social distancing at all.

Once I get my electoral slip then I took the same with the group of people, who guided me towards the booth. Then I found another problem and that is the booth number banner which was very small in size and not clearly visible. Because of that, I was standing in booth number 94 instead of 95 for about 10 minutes. Then I realize that my booth number was 95 and then switched lines. Then again I got to know that I have to inform about my slip number to the group of people who are sitting 3-4 meters away from the line. One of them also give me a taunt “Log Direct line mein lag rahe hai bina bataye, pata nahi kaise log hai”

In the above para, you might be thinking that I am exaggerating the whole process. But I am just thinking that the election commission is spending a lot of money to organize this event but still not able to organize the state election in the way it should be. It must be a bit easier for new voters so that they have got the confidence to vote in each and every election. After all, political parties and the election commission spend a lot of money to encourage the new generation of voters, the way state elections organize things is a bit frustrating. Oh, I forget to tell you that the condition of the ballot box is amazing that one gets confirmation of his/her vote after leaving the ballot box. I mean it was slow to register the response. This is what State election voting experience in Uttar Pradesh of mine.

Now I want you guys to tell me about your experience in the comment section so that we discuss it more and understand the current situation. If you have any query then please contact me.

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