How you can deal with anxiety and stress

How you can deal with your anxiety and stress

In this blog, I can share with you my real-life experiences of mine. I can help you that how you can deal with your anxiety and stress?. Because at some point in time, everyone single one of us has gone through this anxiety and stress phase. According to German wellness company The Vaay. Delhi and Mumbai are the part of 5 most stressful cities in the global survey.

After the covid, every one of us comes under deep stress and eventually, it leads to anxiety. The reason for this can be some drugs, personal issues, and financial issues. In my case, it is a financial one, and when I write this blog. I am still under stress but I am managing it with the help of this blog. I am hoping that writing and sharing my situation with others can reduce my burden.

How does it starts?

In 2019, I was struggling with my job as businesses all over India were working at a very low pace. Then in the end quarter, We have seen some signals that we will do great in 2020. And that was a time everything was in vain. I was already struggling with finances, due to some family problems and suddenly lockdown happened. But still, I was fortunate that time and survived and again I pushed myself and started working. But again, one more lockdown happen in April 2021 and this time, it hits me harder than the previous one.

As I am the only one who is earning at my home with the mere salary of 35K with my parents and my wife and a Kid. I took a small loan from the office and eventually it worsen my situation as my father was ill at that time. Till that time I was managing my finances from here and there and then this finance thing make me a demotivated person at Job. It creates a direct effect on my job and my thinking and after the long meetings from last 3-4 months make to resign the job. As I found it easier than working on that post at that time.

My Situation

Enough of my story, Now the problem starts when I became short to meet my daily expenses. Suddenly I stopped paying my loan to my Fullerton India Company after paying 50% off the EMI. People from the company call me again and again and give me threats about Legal Notice and Jail and it hits me hard. It creates fear inside me every time they are calling, unknowingly my heartbeat rises and I started feeling restless and as the call count progresses, it became more problematic for me. Now any unknown number creates nervousness, fear, and stress. On some days, I left my job in between and came back home without a proper reason.

Why it happens to me?

Then I realize that it happens to me because I don’t have the knowledge. That is how a loan company works. I always tried to be a good citizen of the country. As I tried to never break rules and in case I break the same, then I am always ready to pay the fine. I took the loans in past and paid on or before time and this also make me think.

I always tried to maintain my CIBIL and when it started going down, started irritating me. I started thinking about the future where the bank is not giving me any loan or any other banking products. It is hard to believe when I was failing and still failing. Any number, which related to your future or with your job where you have targets, gives you so much anxiety, you can never think of it.

Now the question is How you can deal with your anxiety and stress? and how I am dealing with.

So when I was struggling with the above-mentioned symptoms. I started a few things.

  1. First I took Knowledge that how loan works and what are my options?
  2. Started taking all calls from the bank and fighting with my fear.
  3. Speak with the people around me who have faced such issues.
  4. Create a list of problem and priortise to whom I tackle first and whom I tackle last.
  5. Started listening Podcast on one of the app called KUKU FM and I am promoting this app but help me.

People only fear something, which is unknown to them. So whenever face difficulties, start gathering information and keep your mind ready with the worst-case scenario. I am doing the same and I am in progress. Speak with your friends and family and tell them your problem. The more you took inside yours the more you feel the problem. Cry when you feel so, it lightens your heart, and start listening to motivating podcasts or read something which can motivate you.

You can get all the advice of going to the doctor or medication regarding the same. But it is you, who need to work on yourself. No medication is greater than your grit. I made mistakes and everyone makes mistakes, it is you or me who need to take charge of it.

My purpose is just to help that one person who is reading this just because he or she has anxiety and I am not the expert. But it comes from inside, so if you need to share some suggestions then please contact me here or comment below and keep fighting and train your Basal Ganglia for tough situations

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