How does financial stress ruin a relationship?

How does Financial Stress Ruin a relationship?

I don’t know about my readers if they have experienced such issues in life. But I think either they have better financial education or they must be blessed by God. But do you know how does financial stress ruin a relationship? In this blog, I am going to share my experiences over the financial stress I am having and still running and trying hard every day to get out of it. But there is one reason in my life that gives me immense pleasure while I am under stress, it’s like a boon to me.

I am writing this because somehow so many people feel this way and writing this blog will help me to reduce stress, and it makes me relax a bit.

Not able to think properly

Nowadays, I am not able to think properly and this is the first symptom of anyone’s financial stress. Every time, people like us who are in debt, just thinking about the money and makeshift the situation. Whenever I have the option to enjoy a bit, but still not able to enjoy the moment, just because of unstable monetary situations.

Not able to perform

As I mentioned in the above para, How does financial stress hinders my ability to think? this will directly resonate with my workability and performance at the workplace. Even I creep about everything almost every time and have problems coping in adverse situations. That is not just all, nowadays am getting anxiety attacks as well. But I don’t know, How I am running?

Forget the Important Things

Not able to prioritize things and forgot the most important and valuable moments of my life. Even though am always thinking about the money but still forgot to pay the bill on time. I don’t know if I am doing it deliberately or it becomes a habit of mine. However, I still feel that there is always a scope for improvement and this blog is the reflection of it. As I told you that I will let you know my reason to cope with the situation in the end.

Consequences of financial stress in a relationship

  • Not talking to my wife without a quirrel
  • Blame game is always there
  • Going nowhere, just focusing on the job.
  • No time for each other
  • Always living in the past
  • Always thinking to be seprated from each other
Reasons of the financial stress
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Blind faith on blood relations
  • Low income and high expenditure
  • Not able to handle the financial Crisis
  • NO backup plan
  • Covid – 19 & jobloss

You all have noticed that I have shared the experiences that I am facing right now and not sharing the reason to manage the same. Because there are so many other blogs that can help you and tell you how can you reduce your stress. But What I have shared is emotional content which so many people can relate with and I have read one article which is very good. I will share the link to the article in the end.

Now I am sharing the reason for my happiness is my 2 and half year old kid. Whenever I am under stress and not able to think further, I just jump up with him and it gives me so much relaxation. While playing with him I almost forgot every other problem I am having in my life.

The point of this blog is that financial stress can ruin your relationship. But some relationships are so deep that no stress can takeover like mine with my kiddo. So go and search for someone nearby whether it is a blood relative or a friend, or your can search your own way to relax. Cause mental health is very important as you can see the same in India’s Budget today where our Finance Minister Shrimati Nirmala Sitharaman put up a special mention about the National Tele-Mental Health Programme.

Click on me and we will take you to the very informative piece which can guide you in your financial journey. I also want you to please share your experiences in the comment section or contact us here, hope that it will help.

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