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Hi Guys,

My name is Ritesh Chauhan and I am the owner of askritesh.com. Like any other person, I have so many dreams and want to pursue everything. But somehow failed many times, then after the online course of digital marketing, I just can’t wait to test my skills and I created this blogging site. This is not just a website but a reflection of my daily life experiences and wants to run this site purely on basis of content.

I have categorized the website into 2 parts, where I tried to provide honest product reviews and one part is the blog. I always tried to write so many things but somehow every other thing, I am able to do it regularly. But I am trying to write at least one blog in a week or so so that readers can see my viewpoints.

Oh Sorry, I forget to tell you about me, you know my name and I am 30 years old right now. Ecommerce Manager by profession. I am a married person and belong to Uttrakhand. Askritesh.com is one of the efforts to grow me in terms of knowledge and money. So that I can raise me and my family and come out against all odds which we are facing. So this is a small intro about me.

Also, let me know if anyone needs any assistance with Facebook, Instagram & Google ads, and I can provide quality ads for your business whether it’s a service or product at a lower price in the market. Send your details at @riteshchauhan69gmail-com or you can contact me through my contact page.

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