RepairAdda-One Stop Shop for all your needs

RepairAdda – One Stop Shop for all your needs

This time we are not reviewing any product or not discussing any life experiences. But this time we bring something new for our readers.

RepairAdda-One stop shop for all your need. This is the slogan from the brand and matter of fact is this, that it is true. You will get services and products under one roof. You don’t have to roam here and there for your service and product needs.

Now, I have given you a brief idea about the RepairAdda, but still, I didn’t tell you about the services and product.

Service you get from RepairAdda:-

In our earlier blog, you have seen or experienced some links to RepairAdda. Basically, here you will get all kinds of services related to a handyman, home appliances, Kitchen appliances, Pest Control, Deep Cleaning, and many others.

You can book your service through call @92102-23456, Whatsapp @82879-71334. You can also visit their website or download their app from the Google play store. But this is not it, one can also visit their shop where customers can just talk to the Manager and technician and get the idea of work which needs to be done at your home and book service directly and from there a new angle of products comes in.

Products you get in RepairAdda Stores:-

In above lines I have mentioned about the RepairAdda store. Here you not only book your services but you can buy some good stuff for your home.

Product line which they have is very much essential and used in daily life. They have segregated the whole product line in categories

  • House-Safety:- You can buy Fire Extinguisher in 2KG and 1KG each in this product lineup.
  • Home-Security:- This section, they have Wifi Camera, E-Safes from different brands like Xiaomi, D-link, and Godrej.
  • Home-Utility:- Here you buy products like Portable Shower Filter, RO Water Purifier. From the brand like WaterScience, Aquafresh, and many others.
  • Home Automation:- In this, they provide home automation products and services as well. They have smart switches, plugs, and many other things.
  • Mobile Accessories:- This category comes with a vast variety, as they have everything from Data cable to headset, Bluetooth Speaker, and many more. From brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Boat, Portronics, and many other brands as well.

The most interesting part of their business is that they are not only selling products. But they can deliver it to your doorstep and not just that, they also install the same as per the customer’s requirement.

Let say, you bought an e-safe from the offline market or an eCommerce site. Now you have to wait for the technician from the brand or in some cases, you have to arrange a carpenter to get it installed. Now in the case of RepairAdda, what they do is that they not only deliver the same but also provide you installation at your convenience at the time when the product delivers.

RepairAdda’s whole product line is correlated to their services;

  • An electrician is required for the Wi-Fi-camera installation.
  • A plumber is required for a water softener or portable water filter installation
  • A carpenter is required for e-safe installation
  • An RO technician for RO installation and services.

Now you know why the brand calls them, RepairAdda-One stop shop for all your need.


If you need any handyman services like Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, or RO technician. Or any other services related to home or kitchen appliances. Or you want to buy any home safety security or utility-related products, and then you have a name called RepairAdda.

You can also contact me for more information and also comment down below, about your view on this.

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