Realme Narzo 20 Pro

realme Narzo 20 Pro – A Real review from an everyday user

Realme Narzo 20 pro is a mid range smartphone with lot of feature. Currently available on flipkart. It is a good smartphone for everyday use and if your prority is camera other then gaming, then this is not your smartphone.

Now, let’s give you an honest review after buying it for my own purposes. I have segregated the review into the below points.

  • In The box Content
  • Looks & Features
  • Processor
  • Battery & Charging
  • Day to day usablity
In the Box Content

In the Box, you will get a 65W Charger with Type-C Data, which is the main highlight of the phone. Apart from that, you will get a nice back cover with decent quality and of-course the Phone. Quick Guide and other policy stuff.

Looks & Features

Now, looks are subjective and vary from person to person. After using several mobiles in my daily life, I came to know that it is not the best-looking smartphone. Earlier I have used Samsung, POCO F1, Oneplus 6T, Mi, and so on mid and high-range mobiles. But this is not the at attractive as other previous mobiles

But I must say, that this phone is loaded with features and Realme UI 1.0 makes it even better. Realme UI is the perfect blend of Samsung One UI, Oneplus Oxygen OS, and a pinch of ios. The phone comes with too much customization option, you can customize each and everything within the smartphone. You can customize the notification bar, app tiles, clock styles, too many widgets to choose from, and so on.


One of the highlighting points of the phone is the Mediatek helio G95 Processor. In day to day usage, you won’t feel any lag as it clocked at 2.05 GHz peak and it has 5%-10% bumped up performance from the last processor G90T.

This processor comes with Arm Mali G76 MC4 GPU which clocked at 900 MHz which helps you better and smoother game-play.

Battery & Charging

The battery is decent and it is not that great. But I mentioned that it comes with 65W SuperDart charging, which can charge your smartphone 100% in around 40 minutes, which is great. I have used the phone for the whole day and I found that the battery is not that great and it’s due to the core architecture of 12nm as it’s more on the performance side and not on the battery saving. But one must not complain, as it comes with a fast SuperDart charger.

Day to day Usability

Now the real review starts here, Realme Narzo 10 Pro is a nice smartphone and capable of doing everything you throw at it. It has a good display with a 90Hz refresh rate but in day-to-day usage, you will feel some stutter. It has almost every sensor but still has a glitch in some cases, as I was playing COD (Call of Duty Mobile) but it has orientation glitch sometimes.

I have consumed a lot of media and because of that, I lot of different OTT app subscriptions. But I don’t know for some weird reason videos were stuttering on Zee5 App. I have checked their Support section and it was written that it was done due to RAM issues but it is not the case as I have an 8GB RAM variant that comes with 128GB.

The camera is also not that good as the photos come on the whiter side. It means you won’t see the original you on the camera. But overall it’s a good package as I got this in Rs.15999 but after this sale, it will be back its original price Rs.18999 and I think it is a bit on a higher side. So now let me know your feedback here or comments below and I will get back to you.

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