How to Choose right Microwave Oven

How to Choose Right Microwave Oven?

In our series of blogs, we bring one another blog for you all. Here we are going to tell you about microwave ovens and how to choose the right microwave oven. We are also sharing with you about their types and how do they work and which one suits you better according to the requirement.

Now, let discuss the types of Microwave Oven and in this category first, we have:-

1) Solo Oven: Solo oven comes first in this category and it is the basic and entry-level oven. It comes with a single magnetron to produce microwave which eventually helps reheat your food and cook some simple things like rice, Noodles and etc,

2) Grill Microwave Oven: As we have shared the detail above. Grill Oven has another add-on feature of grilling vegetables, Meat, and Paneer too. With the help of heating coils and microwave, you will get the best grilling items in few minutes.

3) Convection Microwave Oven: Now this is most desirable in all 3 categories. In this microwave oven, you will get the benefit of the above-mentioned oven but it has one more thing and that is Fan. With the help of Fan, it circulates the heat inside the microwave which gives you evenly cooked food in just a few minutes.

In this Para, we are going to discuss the technology having inside the microwave oven.

Here we are going to give you an idea that how microwaves generate and heat food? Microwave is generated through electron tube inside the oven which known as Magnetron. Magnetron converts the electricity into high power radio waves.

Microwaves have a frequency of 2.4Ghz which eventually absorbs by water and other conductive foods like salty meats and sugars. Once the microwave absorbs the food, it became hot and the cooking process started. Generally, 2.4GHz frequency is not absorbed by some material like plastic and glass and that is why the company recommends using the same inside the oven.

So now you have an idea of how microwave oven works. Now one more things is that, do not use any metal plate or any utensil which made by metal. As they can damage your microwave and even caught fire. So Always remember not to use metal utensils in oven.

Now the main question is which microwave oven suits you best? And it can break into two situations.

  1. If you residing alone or you are a bachelor then I must suggest you go for asolo oven. As you are not going to spend too much time cooking or experimenting and it is on the lower side of the price. You can buy a new one within 4K-7K.
  2. Other two options in microwave oven are for the family people or the person who like experimenting and create new dishes. Also, it has financial things involved in it as it started from 7k or above.

Finally, with this article, I hope you will get a fair idea of How to choose the right microwave oven for you and your family. Currently, you have a Microwave oven and if it’s not working then you can just dial 92102-23456. You can also visit their site and you can get a plethora of services under one roof. So visit them today.

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