A vaccine”Covaxin” Need of the hour

Increasing cases of Corona, Covaxin news is like boon to all Indians. Covaxin is the need of the hour to not only save lives but too boost economy.

Corona creates lot of fear among the people out there, as no one knows who is immune to this virus and who’s not. Thanks to our Doctors and cleaners, who is doing a lot of hard work to save human lives by putting himself on risk.

Coming to the news, “Covaxin” is an indigenous vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech along with ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and NIV (National Institute of Virology). Now as per IndiaToday news ICMR has selected 12 institutes for human medical trial and if it succeeds then we will get our own home grown vaccine, on or before August 15th.

In the meanwhile, one other Indian company named “Zydus Cadilla” is also come to the race with its vaccine “ZyCOV-D” and also gets the permission for human trial from DCGI (Drug Controller General of India). As everyone knows that vaccine is the need of the hour, DCGI has fast track the process for all players in the market. However, Zydus Cadilla trial on animal found that immunity respond greatly on virus. But the things is that the human trial takes almost 3 month which means, that if all goes well than we have another vaccine in October 1st week from Zydus Cadilla.

Moderna Inc

Earlier we heard about Moderna, which is bit ahead of from others. But dont know why, but trials got delayed and will be start by next week hopefully. This is very important for Moderna Inc, as it’s a final stage trial and they want to do all the aftermath before putting the step forward. Hopefully they will get success.


AstraZeneca is an another player in the list and according to WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan, AstraZeneca is one of the leading player and in the most advance stage of vaccine development. It has already begun the human clinical trial before Moderna Inc. But we know the allegation put on WHO, by USA president Mr. Trump in the past. So, you never know if you can believe them or not.

Now the Question is that do we get the real vaccine for Covid-19 before or on August 15th?

The answer is maybe yes or maybe not. Earlier when the pandemic hit globally, experts try to analyze the amount of time taken by the companies to develop such vaccines. According to the expert, to develop such a vaccine. It will take around 18 months if we fast track all the processes. Now the question is that How Bharat Biotech can do such wonder in a short period of time. However, I know we Indians are the best in everything. I am not having any second thoughts on our capability of doing anything. But the question is that, Do we really get the vaccine by August 15th?

Current Situation of India

The current situation is not good at all. I am living in Gautam Budh Nagar which was in control in the initial period of the corona. But now, top the list in Uttar Pradesh in Corona Tally. While writing this blog, cases in Gautam Budh Nagar goes up by 2000. Overall India Cases gone up by 6.30 lacs.

Till the time we won’t get the vaccine, the need of the hour is to stay safe. Follow rules which were told by the government and be self-reliant.
  • Follow Social Distancing
  • Wear mask or cover your face with cloth, if you are going outside for grocery shopping or any other work.
  • Wash your hand properly for at least 20 second with soap or use sanitizer in case of non-availability of water.
  • Download Aarogya Setu App and it will help you save yourself from other patient. So that you won’t be the Corona carrier for you, your loved ones or any other person you meet.

Also, get your home and office sanitize by professionals. If you are in Noida & Greater, you can visit the Repairadda website. Even call at 92102-23456 and get your service booked at just Rs.1/Sqft. They have trained professionals, using sodium hypochlorite solution for sanitization.

Sanitization @Rs. 1/Sqft

Hope, this small information help you and gives you slight idea that what is going on in India and also helps you to stay safe from corona. For any query, please contact here or let me know in comments below.

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