All you need to know about room heaters

All you need to know about Room Heaters

If you are in North India, then you started feeling cold in the morning or in the evening while going back to the house from office. Due to covid situation people are stuck inside and work from home but still there are some industries which still require going outside.

Now as the winter progress, people required room heaters for their premises and for that, this is the blog which can help you to choose the right room heater and gives you all the information about them.

We are trying to categorize the whole segment and give you the idea of usability, power consumption, Temperature settings and features of the segment. This blog will also give you an idea of what all you need to know about Room Heaters.

Fan Heaters or Convection Heaters:-

Fan Heaters works on convection technology and where a coil or panel generates heat and then circulated through a Fan or a blower.

Pros: Fan heaters are economical to buy and generate instant heat.

Cons: Due to its technology, it requires lot of power consumption and at the same time, it reduces the oxygen & Humidity level which is not good for the elderly people and Kids.

Power Consumption: 0.4 to 2 Units in one hour and it may vary depending on the model

Pricing: Rs.1000-2500 approx

Conduction Heater:-

Conduction heaters work on the principle of transferring the heat from a warm end to a cold end. This way heater slowly heats the area.

Pros: Work well in big open areas and you can put it away from the kids from their reach.

Cons: Conduction makes the nearby metal items hot. It also looses heat easily in case poor insulation at home.

Power Consumption: 2 units or higher depending on the model purchased and there energy ratings.

Pricing: Rs. 700-5000 approx

Oil Filled Heaters:-

Oil filled heaters are good for any type of room. It uses both the technologies of convection and conduction to give you a hot room. These heaters are safe and a bit costlier.

Pros: Work great in any area and the main thing is, that it doesn’t burn the oxygen. Also doesn’t reduce humidity and much safer than the others.

Cons: Require more time to heat up the area and main con is the price point of the product.

Power Consumption: 1 – 3 units or above depending upon the model.

Price: Rs. 8500 or above

Now, this is all about the heater. If you have one of them, then it is time to take it out from the shelves. Check if it is working fine or not. If your heater has any kind of issues related to fan and conduction heater. Then you can check out

RepairAdda is one of the handyman service provider in Noida & Greater Noida and provide room heater repair and maintenance service at the customer doorstep and you can contact through 92102-23456 or download there app from playstore.

Hope this blog helps you a bit and you can also put us a comment here if you find any issue or you contact me through my contact us and we will get back to you. Now after this you know all about room heaters.

Here is a list of Room Heaters You can buy

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