My name Ritesh Chauhan and currently I am working as Business Manager. I stumbled upon to Digital marketing and later blogging due to my boss who is also a mentor for me, where he pushed me to learn new things which eventually works for me in my personal and professional life both.

This is my website askRitesh.com, where I tried to share my view and reviews about the product I have or the services I experienced in my life. However, sometimes it gets very challenging for a writer to write new things. But, as you all know it’s about sharing words with the people, who are looking for some answer to their question. And this is the website for the people.


From Tele-caller to Business Manager and then a part time blogger. Life is full of twist and turn. I started as outbound caller in one of the company then got a chance to work in e-commerce Company and it gives me a hell lot of exposure. But somehow, everything comes with expiry and then got a roll as Team leader in a startup company which again get closed due to insufficient funds. That day I learnt new thing that nothing comes with guarantee and how much the close person is with you, can hit you back.

Then I was jobless for almost half a year. But soon, I got the job as a Member Category but my bad-luck continues and soon the project come to the closure and I got moved to another project. For almost a year everything runs smoothly and got work with some industries good people and learns a lot of new things. But again my jinx hit me hard and again I left with some bruises.

Current Scenario

In 2019 January, I have joined a company called RepairAdda as a Category Manager and presently working with the same company despite of all ups and downs. Now it sounds filmy but I think still lot more is going on and sooner or later I will get succeed and doing meaningful things in my life